People Also Search For (PASF) Keywords: A Complete Guide

Whenever you search for any query on Google to get better insights, and after exploring the multiple topics that are presented by Google on SERP, you don’t get the exact answer you’re looking for.

But have you ever noticed that then you are shown a query generated by Google that is exactly what you are looking for? This term is called ‘People Also Search For’. 

These all are People Also Search For (PASF) Keywords generated by Google. 

This is one of the most popular features of Google to help its users, to find and explore related topics. 

From a business perspective, these keywords have a high potential to drive organic traffic to your website and increase brand visibility online without spending the cost on SEO tools. 

Wait! Are you using People Also Search For Keywords in your website SEO Plan? If not, no worries here is the complete guide for this so you can just follow this blog accordingly. 

What is People Also Search For?

In Simple words, these are related keywords of the user’s query, generated by Google to provide a direct option to the user for deep exploring the related topics. 

This feature was announced by Google in 2018 to refine the user’s query if they are unable to find the exact or relatable answers from their queries. 

Basically, It’s like a suggestion for the users according to their query based on Google’s history. 

For SEOs, it’s a little trick to find or discover the related keywords easily. 

If you want to check the PASF keywords then make your query on Google, then check on the right side and bottom of the Page. You can see the box of PASF keywords there. 

It’s looks like;

People Also Search For

Importance Of People Also Search For (PASF) Keywords in SEO

From an SEO point of view, PASF keywords are the goldmine, these all are the related keywords that come directly from Google history based on Users’ queries. 

For a detailed understanding, let’s understand how Google’s search engine works when it receives any of the user’s query. Google Algorithm tries to show the relevant results while the users query in any of the formats of language. 

For Example; If any user wants to go to a particular website or webpage, then they might enter the business name on Google to reach their desired destination. 

While, On the other hand, if users want to investigate or explore any of the topics then their queries will different. If they want to explore that means they are in the information-seeking phase and now Google will show them some related keywords in the form of People Also Search For Box. 

It looks like;

People Also Search For bottom

Based on history, Google’s algorithm understands the intent of the user’s query and by providing PASF keywords it helps users to find or get exactly what they want. 

This also improves Google’s user experience and that’s the reason why Google shows and recommends PASF Keywords. 

In the business world, you can optimize your website content according to this. People Also Search For (PASF)  Keywords can help you to drive organic traffic easily. 

Google Algorithm always recommends relatable results on the SERP so make sure you are creating high-quality content, that should be useful for the users and after receiving your content problems or questions must be solved. 

PASF keywords are the genuine query of Google with low keyword difficulty if you work properly on these keywords then you will get good results soon. 

How to Find People Also Search For (PASF) Keywords

For any business, People Also Search For is a Goldmine as these keywords are directly come from the Google. 

Whenever you put the query on Google Search Bar, you will see two widgets there, one is on the right hand side of the top of the page and the second is in the bottom of the page. 

Both Widgets will show you with People Also Search For Headlines. 

A widget which appears at the top of the page corner will show you the keywords related to your query while the bottom widget contains those keywords that people have also search for before in their queries on Google. 

There are also some other ways to find PASF Keywords like Keyword Everywhere Tool.

Find PASF Keywords with the Keyword Everywhere Tool

Keyword Everywhere is a free chrome extension that you can use to find PASF Keywords easily. 

Every search results have 8 PASF keywords shown by Google for SERP. At the bottom of the page you can see these results easily. 

Keyword Everywhere tool or extension automatically picks up these keywords from the SERP and present them in front of your after removing the duplicacy as well. 

It will show these keywords along with Search Volume, Keyword Difficulty and CPC. 

Benefits Of People Also Search For (PASF) Keywords

In SEO, Keywords Research is the key point that will decide your ranking factor on SERP. Google also suggests the LSI Keywords in the People Also Seach For Widget. 

There are many benefits of this widget, we mention some of them below;

1- Helps to find Blogs Topic

Publishing blogs helps to attract new audience to the website but for blogs finding good keywords is very important and this will also decide your ranking factors. 

Through the PASF box, Google suggests you the LSI Keywords where you can work, these keywords are the real time searches queries on the Google. 

Google has also another similar feature ‘People Also Ask’, use those topics in your blogs for better results.

People Also Ask

2- Improve On-Page SEO with PASF Keywords

Now you know how to find PASF keywords, you can also improve your on-page seo by implementing the relevant PASF Keywords in the Meta Title, Description, Headings, Web Content, etc. 

If you will do this activity with proper strategy, Google will automatically show your website on top of the SERP. 

3- Use PASF Keywords In FAQs

As we discussed above Google have also another feature called ‘People Also Ask’. You can get quality questions from these widgets PASF & PAA. 

After collecting the questions from there, use them in your webpage FAQs Section. It will attract more users on your website and also there are high chance that your web page’s FAQs will appear in the People Also Search For and People Also Ask Widget. 


People Also Search For Keywords helps user to find or explore the relevant world of their query.

Google Recommends this feature for better user experience and this will also help businesses to get an idea of where should they work for a decent outcome. 

Here we have explained everything about PASF in detail, hope you understand every point even if you have any related queries, feel free to ask your questions in the Comment Sections. 

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What is “People Also Search For or People Also Ask In Google SERPs?

It’s a Search Feature of Google, started in 2012 to help users get the exact results even if they are unable to ask the exact questions that they want. Basically, this feature contains the relatable query according to the exact query of the user.

Why People Also Search For (PASF)” Is Important For SEO?

These PASF Keywords are generated by Google according to its database and that’s why it is important to cover these keywords in your web pages during SEO.

People Also Search For (PASF) vs People Also Ask (PAA)

‘People Also Search For’ suggests the relatable query to users, so that they get the exact answer that they want. While the ‘People Also Ask’ box contains some questions with answers that are relatable to the user’s query. It contains additional information related to the topic.

Where we can use PASF Keywords?

PASF Keywords are very important to rank on SERP and you can use these keywords in your blogs, tags, etc.

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