Apple Stands on RCS Messaging Services: Complete Detail

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In a surprising and exciting move by Apple. They have announced that in its upcoming iOS (formally known as iOS 18) updates, it will bring Rich Communication Services (RCS) support to its iMessage. This means that the messages which will be sent from iPhones to Android phones will soon provide a better and smooth cross-platform experience.

Apple has announced that they will be adopting RCS in the fall of 2024. Once that happens, it will mean a better messaging experience for everyone.

Let’s understand why it is so important for Brands. But before diving into this here are brief details about RCS.

About RCS and It’s Highlighted Features

Rich communication Service is a modern update of old traditional SMS, where people are able to send only plain vanilla text messages, but now with Rich Communication Services ( RCS), users can do multiple Rich Media activities rather than sending a text message such as;

  • Senders can see the read receipts and typing indicator on the RCS messages.
  • Users can share each other’s location over the RCS messages.
  • Users can do group chats in RCS messages.
  • Users can share high-quality images, photos, audio, emojis, and any attachments on the RCS messages.
  • Handset capability checks and SMS Fallback option, but the content has to be approved by DLT.
  • Auto-response messages
  • Custom branding, colors, and rich media content as per the Brand requirement and marketing guidelines.
  • Blacklist Management
  • Delivery and Read Receipts
  • Content Management
  • Call to Action to drive more traffic to the website
RCS Messages In Apple

Apple Stands on RCS Messaging Services and Why it Really Matters for Apple?

The RCS feature in iOS 18 is great news for brands as they now target their users at their favorite devices. 

1- Cross Channel Communication

RCS means Rich Communication Services which means now IOS users can get more interactive messages where they can receive the messages with Rich Images, CTA, Brand Logo, and Chat options as well.

2- Consistent User Experience

In RCS messages, both iPhone and Android users will get similar features and give the freedom to chat with each-other. They can do group chat and share things with each other without releasing that both are using different platform devices.

3- Personalization

With the implementation of Rich Communication Services, Brands can target users with personalized content and images which means better engagement and conversations.

Each RCS marketing message can be customized with intuitive call-to-action (CTA) buttons like Order Now, Know More, Website CTA, or ‘Buy Now’ to drive desired customer behaviors.

4- Industry Standard

Samsung, OnePlus, Nothing, Motorola, Oppo, Red-me, MI, and other Android brands are using the RCS features in their messaging app. But now with Apple on-boarding RCS has become an industry standard.

What to Expect with RCS in iOS18

Till now Apple didn’t give any official statement on RCS messages, but we can expect an enhanced cross-platform experience with all the features of RCS in a more secure environment. If Apple supports the RCS (Rich Communication Service), then the brand reach out to its high-end customers on this modern challenge.

In the United States of America, the iPhone has an approx. 58% market share however Android has 71% of the global market share. In 2023, India has first time seen a great jump as Apple created another milestone by surpassing the 10M++ units mark in shipments which means India has huge potential for iPhone users as it is growing YOY (Year on Year).

What will the impact on iMessages?

iMessage will always be there, it’s the key element of iOS. RCS will be helpful in that case where an apple user sends any Rich Media Messages to a non-apple device or vice-versa. It’s too early to make any perception on iMessage.

The adoption of RCS by Apple in iOS 18 is a great step towards creating a more consistent and unified messaging experience for worldwide users. By following the industry standards Apple not only enhances its features but also sets a benchmark where messaging between users will be seamless and innovative.

Top Benefits of Rich Communication Services

  • Better Customer Engagement with potential and loyal Users
  • Higher Conversion Rates as each message has CTA.
  • Interactive Conversations via Chats
  • Improved Security as its managed by Google.
  • Increased Brand Visibility and Brand Recall
  • Deeper Analytics and Insights.
  • Advance Segmentation
  • Cost Effective

RCS will be a crucial channel for IOS users and today brands follow the customers where they are! Stay tuned with us as we will release the other blog the moment we will get the next update.

If you wish to explore the services for Android users, then you can connect with our Engagement and Retention Expert.

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